December is a special month for me, not only for the holidays, but it is also my birth month. Home for the holidays also includes the solstice in my case. By the end of the month, most of us have made our New Year’s resolutions and are planning what we hope to accomplish in the year ahead. 
It’s also when my travel clubs start their indoor events. Last month we had our “No Dressing Required” Thanksgiving at our house, and this month we start our indoor swims. While some clubs have had trouble with bad publicity about using public facilities for nude swims, we have been very lucky to use a private swim club for our indoor swims. Winter allows us to turn our visits to indoor venues and we seem to do a lot more talking at these events. I end up telling a lot of GAT stories in winter. It is also when we seem to see new members who are willing to go to a private building to be nude, but won’t go to a landed park in the warmer months. I’m just the opposite. I look for outdoor places to be nude year-round. The last couple of years, my wife and I have headed to Southern California for a little warmer weather than what we have in Sacramento. We will probably do that again this year, if only for a few days.
GAT has plans for 2019, including expanding our efforts to gain recognition for more nude-use public areas. In last month’s column, I looked at some of our accomplishments in 2018 and I expect those efforts to continue in 2019. For now, I am happy to work on our planning for 2019 and get ready for the AANR-Midwinter meeting in February, where we will present our plans for the spring to the AANR Board.
I guess I take it easy in December and take the time to enjoy family and friends. I use the shorter days and longer nights to just be thankful for the times we have enjoyed together and dream of next year’s new adventures. Happy Holidays!