And the Sunbelt Regions

are Prime Nakation Spots Year Round




KISSIMMEE, Fla.  (Sept 21, 2017) -- Before the end of summer and the frost is on the pumpkin, there’s still time to take a Nakation – an unplugged, unencumbered visit to a clothing-optional resort.  No need for a bathing suit – you come equipped with your birthday suit.


The American Association for Nude Recreation can direct you to hundreds of clothing-optional and nudist clubs/resorts/campgrounds…all very reasonably priced.  Just visit:


And this leads to further travel savings (no checked luggage fees and no vacation wardrobe purchases)! All you’ll need for your getaway is: sunscreen, cap, sunglasses, shoes and toiletries – all of which can fit in a small carry on.  Heck, If more air travelers take a stand and a Nakation in 2017, it could send a message to the airlines using baggage fees as a way to charge passengers more money.


But act fast, many clubs in the northern regions close soon for the season, though those in the Sunbelt enjoy hosting guests year round.


For 86 years, AANR has been the leading authority in North America on protecting the freedoms and rights of those who participate in wholesome, family-style nude recreation. Members of AANR recognize the wholesomeness of the human body and believe that life is enhanced by the naturalness of social nudity. From exercise to relaxation, a person’s physical, spiritual, and mental health is enriched through nude recreation. AANR supports over 200 chartered clubs, resorts, and campgrounds, and serves more than 52 million individuals throughout the U.S., Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and internationally. For more information about AANR and for facts related to nude recreation, visit or call 1-800-TRY-NUDE (879-6833). To receive information on upcoming news and events, sign up for our newsletter here.