Back to School and Work

This is our back to school issue and it seems like a good time for us to get back to work too. Summer is supposed to be a time of sightseeing and outdoor activities. 
Our Federal GAT Chair, John Hunter, has been sending out notices of Federal budget items and telling us about all the cuts that will affect Federal land use, and access for recreation and nude use. It is time for us to work on our legislators. 
Your local representatives need to hear from you! We need to contact the members of congress, both in the House and Senate, and tell them we want access to our lands. The Department of Interior is drafting regs to give access to oil and gas drilling. However, reduced operating budgets likely will mean reduced citizen access to recreation areas in many places. Without our vocal response to their efforts cutting access we will lose, not gain. 
AANR members need to meet their representatives. You need to make your interests known to the member who is in charge (part of their duties as a member of congress) to protect and defend your rights under the Constitution. You need to make those desires known!
Call your congressional representative and tell them it is time to get back to the business of representing you and your interests! The proposed Federal budget for the Forest Service cuts support by 73 percent. Without a budget to maintain the Federal recreational areas, the level of service will suffer. We need to make our representatives know we want access to our lands. 
You can vote and support them, or you can oppose and work to replace them. The choice is clear. If we want to have access to public land, then we need to voice our support for nude access. We need to be visible to our representatives. Numbers count with elected officials. Get your friends and neighbors to also contact their representative and tell them we want public lands that are maintained and improved to allow recreational uses.